CASA Story: Making Brittany’s Future Bright

Future is Bright CASA Graphic - Brittany

Brittany’s cries for help went unheard by her family. Her attempts at communicating her emotions – specifically her fear and anger from past abuse by a family member – were met by rejection as she bounced between various homes of friends and relatives. Brittany was without an anchor in a powerful storm. Brittany’s CASA, Denise,…

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CASA Story: Making Jasmine’s Future Bright

Future is Bright Graphic - Jasmine

Jasmine’s father left her and her younger siblings in a parked car. They sat alone in that car for hours, scared and confused. When Jasmine feared that their father was not coming back, she began looking for help. Aid came in a commotion of strangers and police officers. Jasmine was thrust into the unknown. Jasmine’s…

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CASA Story: Making Mario’s Future Bright

Future is Bright Graphic - Mario

Mario found himself grappling with the consequences of risky behaviors. On the surface, he was a teen making bad choices. Deeper within, he was a child battling a whirlwind of emotions and trauma associated with ongoing sexual abuse and medical neglect. Mario’s CASA, James, met him in the depths of this storm. James recognized Mario’s…

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