Foster Care: Tools for Children

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The purpose of foster care is to give children a reprieve from what was an unsafe living condition, moving them into what the Department of Social Services has deemed to be a safe environment. The word ‘foster’ is synonymous with ‘stand-in’ or ‘substitute.’ So ideally, while this ‘fostering’ happens, long term solutions are being formulated…

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Stress Can Cause Adverse Childhood Experiences

Stressed Mom with baby

Stress on a family can come from different sources and take many forms. Some stress is internal to the family, such as domestic violence. Other stressors are external. Sources outside of the home could be situations like unemployment or poverty. Regardless of the source, stress is a risk factor for child abuse and neglect.  It…

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You Can Be “the One”

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Listen to Episode 4 of the Vigilant Voices™ podcast, You Can Be “the One.”. Jeannine Panzera: Hello, listeners. You are listening to our relatively new Vigilant Voices™ podcast. Kristin Blalock: Right? Relatively new. This is already our fourth episode, a reminder that in our work at CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, we’ve learned…

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Adults with Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adult hugging child

In order to help prevent adverse experiences for the children in our lives, it’s important that we address and heal from any trauma we, ourselves, may have experienced. This is true for all adults caring for children – parents, mentors, CASA volunteers, etc. After all, it’s difficult to offer safety and security when we, ourselves,…

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Prevent & Heal: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Child and Woman Smiling

Our brains are absolutely amazing organs. They begin developing in utero and by the time a child is born, their brain is already a quarter of the size of an adult brain. The brain then doubles in size before a child’s first birthday and continues to develop at a rapid pace. By kindergarten, a child’s…

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You Can Report Child Abuse

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Listen to Episode 3 of the Vigilant Voices™ podcast, You Can Report Child Abuse. Kristin Blalock: You are listening to our brand new Vigilant Voices podcast. We are always glad that you are here. Jeannine Panzera: And just as a reminder, in our work at CASA, we have learned that it is important to KNOW about…

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Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience

Woman with Child

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can take place within three realms: All three types of ACEs create toxic stress, which can hinder a child’s development. If left unaddressed, toxic stress limits resiliency and negatively impacts future health and well-being.  This April, during Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are focusing our discussion of ACEs to those that…

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