CASA’s Call to Action: Support Families

As friends and neighbors, we should work to build support systems around families.

In August, the Richmond Times Dispatch published the editorial below, written as a call to action for our community as children start returning to school this fall. Together, we can serve families, support our schools, and stop child abuse. Across our community, parents and caregivers are struggling to balance the stress of daily life alongside…

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CASA Library: Atlas of the Heart

Jeannine holding Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown

Our team at Henrico CASA loves to read… and there’s no better time to read than the summer! In upcoming weeks we’ll be highlighting some of our recent favorites in the hopes that you will enjoy the themes and connections to our work as child advocates. Synopsis If we want to find the way back…

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CASA’s New Strategic Plan Helps Children and Families Navigate Change

Jeannine Panzera blog header

Our team at Henrico CASA is emerging from a few months of chaos. Last November, our office embarked on exciting renovations and upgrades to include building two new offices, installing sleek flooring, and getting a fresh coat of paint. While there was excitement around the upgrades, we also knew there would be significant disruption to…

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Henrico CASA Volunteers Give the Gift of Time

clock with bow, blog header

As I began to write this post, I was not sure I could articulate the actual definition of time. There are certainly many things that come to mind – the time of day, a moment in time, not enough time. This makes time a complicated word. It is a word that in one breath can…

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