CASA Volunteers Give Children a Voice

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As humans, we all have a voice but we may not feel empowered to use it, especially in a way that influences. To fully “have a voice” you must embrace your thoughts and experiences in order to communicate them effectively. Your words hold weight. Your point of view is important and plays a role in…

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Susan’s Story: Volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate

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As CASA volunteers, we frequently work with disrupted families whose children have been removed from their home due to unsafe conditions. It is often a struggle for families to amend the conditions that led to the removal of their children. Working towards reunification and re-building a safe home takes time and effort, as well as…

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CASA Volunteers Help Children Build Protective Factors

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Domestic violence varies in form, but consistently carries an undercurrent of abuse, control and fear. Even if violence isn’t physically directed at a child, it takes its toll. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in homes where intimate partner violence occurs, a majority of children witness these domestic assaults and 45%-60% also…

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Help CASA Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence

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You’ve seen images of an iceberg, right? A mass of solid ice rises out of the ocean. The way it disrupts the surface of the water grabs your attention. But what is truly noteworthy is the enormity of the ice structure that remains below the surface. It may be invisible to the naked eye, but…

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