Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience

Woman with Child

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can take place within three realms: All three types of ACEs create toxic stress, which can hinder a child’s development. If left unaddressed, toxic stress limits resiliency and negatively impacts future health and well-being.  This April, during Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are focusing our discussion of ACEs to those that…

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CASA Library: Resilience Movie List

Families watching movies together, blog header

Not everyone loves to read… so we wanted to end our summer library recommendations with a video library. See a full list of movie recommendations from Greater Richmond SCAN‘s Resilience Week resources. One of the major benefits of watching a film is that you can actively watch it with others. As you watch, it’s an…

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CASA Library: The Language of Flowers

CASA staff holding The Lanaguage of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Our team at Henrico CASA loves to read… and there’s no better time to read than the summer! In upcoming weeks we’ll be highlighting some of our recent favorites in the hopes that you will enjoy the themes and connections to our work as child advocates. Synopsis The Victorian language of flowers was used to…

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CASA Builds Resilience

child sitting in woman's lap, blog header

Our vision at Henrico CASA is for children to live in safe and stable homes. Really, we wish for more than just that baseline for each child. We want them to have the opportunity to thrive – to develop, to flourish, and to succeed. In this month’s blog posts we are taking a look at…

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Fostering Resilience

resilience in dictionary, blog header

When we know better, we do better. So after Henrico CASA volunteers participate in pre-service training, they grow knowledge and skills through ongoing continuing education opportunities. This month, we watched the Resilience documentary together. The film explains the biology of stress and the science of hope. It’s message is highly relevant to our work as…

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Recommended Reads for CASA Volunteers

Resilience banner

As we enter this month of Thanksgiving, our team at Henrico CASA would like to share a few of the things for which we are grateful. The first, of which, is resilience. In our roles working with vulnerable children, we sometimes see darkness, but we also see light. Similarly, where we see trauma, we often…

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