Back to School with CASA

children with backpacks running toward camera, blog header

With a new school year, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Unfortunately, for some students, the challenges may also feel endless. That is why CASA volunteers encourage the children we serve to share their feelings about the new school year. We want to process the challenges together. Since educators are vital to a child’s development,…

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Who Can Make a Difference?

Diverse group of adults and children at outdoor meal, blog header

Building new relationships can feel intimidating. This is especially true for children and teens who have experienced trauma. Youth hurt or abandoned by loved ones may be scared to trust again. Teens jaded by ongoing let-downs may expect the worse and not pursue new friendships. Children not given the opportunity to form healthy attachments to…

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CASA’s Call to Action: Support Families

As friends and neighbors, we should work to build support systems around families.

In August, the Richmond Times Dispatch published the editorial below, written as a call to action for our community as children start returning to school this fall. Together, we can serve families, support our schools, and stop child abuse. Across our community, parents and caregivers are struggling to balance the stress of daily life alongside…

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CASA Promotes Homes that are Safe for Play

young child playing with blocks

We’ve been blogging about education this month, but that doesn’t limit us to exploring only school-related issues. Learning begins at birth, long before a child’s first day of Kindergarten. Early childhood education, defined as the period from birth to age five, is vitally important for child development. And child development is linked to future outcomes…

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CASA Connects with Children at School

children learning in school

Students require a sense of security to do their best at school. After all, it’s impossible to concentrate when you’re consumed by fear and anxiety. Pressing needs, like hunger or pain, can outweigh learning objectives.    Most children are safe at school. Their primary needs are met. They have adult supervision. Security measures are in place.…

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School is a Lifeline

school is a lifeline banner

The back-to-school season invokes a sense of new beginnings. This year, there is renewed excitement because so many students are returning to in-person classes. Some look forward to reconnecting with friends. Many hope this school year brings a sense of normalcy. And yet, others seek relief.  After all, school is a lifeline for kids living…

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