Reginald’s CASA Story

Reginald Baugh, a software engineer, was sworn in by the Court as a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate, aka CASA, earlier this year. He is enthusiastically embracing the role, recognizing this as an opportunity to be an ‘agent of change.’ With CASA, Reginald has already served five children who needed someone to speak up for…

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Chase’s CASA Story

Chase Whitaker, a newly graduated law student, attorney, and future Guardian Ad Litem has been volunteering with Henrico CASA for over two years. Prior to his time in Henrico, he served as a volunteer advocate with the CASA program in San Diego. Chase’s most recent case was full of ups and downs with a dramatic…

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CASA Case: Luke and Katy’s Story

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Many things can define us, if we let them. The tie-breaking goal at a championship game may characterize you as a star athlete. Your father’s career choice designates you as a ‘pastor’s kid.’ Your winning chili recipe establishes you as a ‘master chef.’ Often times, it’s the more negative experiences that seem to define us…

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CASA Case: Tyler’s Story

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The number of children requiring advocacy in our area is growing substantially. Did you know that: Approximately 75,000 children live in Henrico County 3,529 children were reported to Child Protective Services in 2021 During this period, 385 were appointed a Court Appointed Special Advocate 88 new children were referred to CASA over the most recent…

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