CASA Story: Making Mario’s Future Bright

Mario found himself grappling with the consequences of risky behaviors. On the surface, he was a teen making bad choices. Deeper within, he was a child battling a whirlwind of emotions and trauma associated with ongoing sexual abuse and medical neglect. Mario’s CASA, James, met him in the depths of this storm. James recognized Mario’s…

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DVAM: 4 Ways to Support a Child Victim

Domestic violence creates an unsafe, unhealthy, and frightening environment for children. The violence may or may not be directed at the children. But the children are victims, all the same. Witnessing intimate partner violence is traumatic. Children may be witnessing it with their own eyes, but they may also hear or sense violence that is…

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DVAM: What Is Trauma Bonding?

Studies show that domestic violence increased during the COVID pandemic. While data proved this, it also makes sense on a fundamental level. Isolation is an abuser’s greatest tool. And isolation was how the entire world coped with the pandemic. Victims were stuck with abusers and their access to help was restricted. This is the shadow…

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CASA Library: What Happened To You?

CASA staff holding What Happened To You by Bruce D Perry

Our team at Henrico CASA loves to read… and so do our amazing volunteer advocates! Our volunteers read MANY books as part of their continuing education. They often take the time to tell us about their favorites and how they connect to our work as child advocates. Below is a “book report” from Richard Davis,…

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CASA Aids Development

illuminated brain drawing, blog header

Our vision at Henrico CASA is for children to live in safe and stable homes. Really, we wish for more than just that baseline for each child. We want them to have the opportunity to thrive – to develop, to flourish, and to succeed. In this month’s blog posts we are taking a look at…

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Fostering Resilience

resilience in dictionary, blog header

When we know better, we do better. So after Henrico CASA volunteers participate in pre-service training, they grow knowledge and skills through ongoing continuing education opportunities. This month, we watched the Resilience documentary together. The film explains the biology of stress and the science of hope. It’s message is highly relevant to our work as…

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CASA Volunteers Give Children a Voice

people holding books up, blog header

As humans, we all have a voice but we may not feel empowered to use it, especially in a way that influences. To fully “have a voice” you must embrace your thoughts and experiences in order to communicate them effectively. Your words hold weight. Your point of view is important and plays a role in…

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CASA Volunteers Help Children Build Protective Factors

young girl sitting on bench alone

Domestic violence varies in form, but consistently carries an undercurrent of abuse, control and fear. Even if violence isn’t physically directed at a child, it takes its toll. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in homes where intimate partner violence occurs, a majority of children witness these domestic assaults and 45%-60% also…

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Help CASA Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence

iceberg representing domestic violence

You’ve seen images of an iceberg, right? A mass of solid ice rises out of the ocean. The way it disrupts the surface of the water grabs your attention. But what is truly noteworthy is the enormity of the ice structure that remains below the surface. It may be invisible to the naked eye, but…

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