Back to School with CASA

children with backpacks running toward camera, blog header

With a new school year, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Unfortunately, for some students, the challenges may also feel endless. That is why CASA volunteers encourage the children we serve to share their feelings about the new school year. We want to process the challenges together. Since educators are vital to a child’s development,…

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Support Foster Families

Adults with three kids, blog header

Foster parents and their families make a significant commitment to help children who need a home. Their home will undoubtedly experience some upheaval. Afterall, they are walking with a child during a very challenging time. They open their doors to trauma and hurt, hopeful that the stability and security they offer makes a difference. And…

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CASA Communication: Tips to Frame a Child’s Story

adult with boy, blog header

Over recent weeks, we have explored ways that volunteer advocates communicate to remain positive, respectful, and inclusive. Afterall, the primary role of a Court Appointed Special Advocate, aka CASA, is to amplify a child’s voice. While within the courtroom, we literally act as the child’s voice. However, outside of the courtroom we want to find…

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CASA Communication: Value Through Language

adult and child with foreheads pressed together, blog header

Every single one of us wants to feel seen and valued. This is especially true for a child, or family, that may be walking through life feeling unseen in the dark shadow of their challenging circumstances. Our words, even when intended to be positive, can unintentionally exclude or dismiss people. Unfortunately, those who feel different…

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CASA Communication: Uplift with Words

woman crouching in front of small child, blog header

“As one person, can I really make a difference?” We’ve all entertained this thought at one time or another. Complex situations, like the ones that often play out in the child welfare system, can feel daunting and endless. It’s only natural to wonder what kind of good we can do when so much appears to…

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CASA Call to Action: Prioritize Children

children at crosswalk with backpacks, blog header

We have all heard the phrase “children are our future.” It’s true… but children must be our present in order to become our future. We must prioritize their well-being now – their health, safety, and education – in order to ensure they have a future. Not just any future, but a future beyond surviving where…

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CASA Case: Tyler’s Story

young male holding skateboard, blog header

The number of children requiring advocacy in our area is growing substantially. Did you know that: Approximately 75,000 children live in Henrico County 3,529 children were reported to Child Protective Services in 2021 During this period, 385 were appointed a Court Appointed Special Advocate 88 new children were referred to CASA over the most recent…

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CASA Call to Action: Volunteer Your Voice

Amanda Gorman blog header

Our team at Henrico CASA often uses the phrase “a child’s voice.” We recognize that all children have a voice and it’s our responsibility to ensure it is heard. We stand up and speak up for children, acting as their voice in court. And we encourage our volunteers by reminding them that by using their…

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New Year’s Resolutions: Volunteer with Henrico CASA

Two kids fist bumping, blog header

It’s that time of year, yet again, when many of us pause to consider New Year’s Resolutions. Some of us set specific goals, big and small. Others pick a theme word to focus on for the year. And a few of us skip the process all together knowing follow-through wanes! Can we reframe the resolution…

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CASA Volunteers Help Children AND Their Families

young child covering face, blog header

You know CASA for helping children – and that’s what we do, wholeheartedly. We work for the best interest of every child appointed to us. While serving children, we are also often serving their families… because a child who is abused and/or neglected represents an entire family that is in crisis. The families we see…

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