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Every child has a voice.

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We ensure it is heard.

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You can change a child’s story.

Children are often the only people absent from court proceedings that directly impact them.

CASA is the only court advocacy program speaking up for these children in Henrico County.

We stand in the gap to give a child a voice and promote their best interests in court.

Safe Homes

Our courts make critical decisions to ensure the safety of children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Henrico CASA serves these vulnerable children by advocating for their best interests and making sure their voice is heard within the court system and the community.

Healthy Children

Connection and permanency are proven keys to a healthy childhood. Henrico CASA provides both by being a consistent presence in a child's life, increasing overall well-being, and strengthening support systems for the future.



Thriving Communities

Adverse experiences like abuse and neglect impact not just a child's present, but their future, as well. By intervening early and leveraging community resources, Henrico CASA works to change the trajectory of a child's life. Building better childhoods builds better communities.