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Welcome! Your unwavering commitment as Henrico CASA Board Members and Advisors stands as the cornerstone of our organization’s journey towards a sustainable and impactful future. We express our deepest gratitude for your dedication.

At the heart of your role lie three essential pillars: Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, and Duty of Obedience. These principles uphold our ethical and legal governance, ensuring prudent asset management, unwavering commitment to our mission, and adherence to regulations to fulfill our stated purpose. Your role also surpasses the bounds of legal obligations. You serve as guiding lights and ambassadors for our mission, shaping our organizational culture, fortifying strategic direction, and bolstering our financial resilience.

This Board Member intranet portal is your gateway to essential resources, including contact information for your colleagues, roles and responsibilities, documents from Board meetings, and governing documents — the policies, plans, and procedures that serve as the cornerstone for ethical and effective governance practices.

Your engagement amplifies our collective impact and strengthens our journey toward achieving our mission. Thank you for your commitment and contributions to our shared vision!


The Board Membership Hub is the space dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of your pivotal role as a Board Member/Advisor within our organization. This includes the “Job Description” and responsibilities, member roster, and information on our committees. This section aims to inform you in your role and help foster collaboration among our Board Members and Advisors.

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This section houses our organizational governing documents, policies, and procedures — an indispensable resource center ensuring transparency, compliance, and alignment with our mission and values. You will find the guiding documents and policies governing our operations at various levels — foundational, governing, financial, personnel, and programmatic.

These documents serve as the bedrock of our organizational ethos, guiding our actions and ensuring ethical and effective operations. Each document and plan encapsulate our commitment to ethical practices, effectiveness, and adaptability in our pursuit of excellence.

Foundational Documents

Explore our bedrock — Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Board Regulations. These documents lay the foundational principles guiding our existence, governance, and fundamental operational structure. Additionally, our Strategic Plan outlines our overarching vision, objectives, and strategies charting our course forward.

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Governing Plans

Take a deeper dive into our strategic governance plans such as our Crisis Management Plan, outlining protocols for addressing unforeseen challenges, and our Executive Succession Plan, ensuring smooth transitions in leadership. Explore our Diversity Plan, fostering an inclusive environment, and resources focused on Measuring Effectiveness and Conflicts of Interest, enabling us to assess our impact, identify potential conflicts, and adapt for continuous improvement.

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Financial Policies

The Financial Policies section houses crucial policies guiding our fiscal integrity and risk management. Delve into our fiscal and investment policies, offering insights into our strategies for sustainable financial growth. Our Gift Acceptance Policy provides protocols for accepting donations in alignment with our values, and our Risk Management Plan is dedicated to identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential risks to safeguard our financial integrity. These policies serve as the cornerstone of our financial governance, fostering responsible stewardship and ensuring our financial sustainability.

Fiscal Policy PDF ThumbnailInvestment Policy Statement PDF ThumbnailGift Acceptance Policy PDF ThumbnailRisk Management Plan PDF Thumbnail

Personnel and Program Policies

The Personnel and Program Policies Center is dedicated to ensuring the safety, focus, and informed action of our invaluable staff and volunteers — the backbone of our mission. Explore a comprehensive array of policies designed to uphold safety and inclusivity. Depending on regulations, all staff and/or volunteers may be required to certify that they have received, acknowledged, and comprehend these policies, ensuring alignment with our organizational standards and regulatory compliance.

Our personnel policies provide guidelines for our dedicated team and our programmatic policies and procedures ensure operational clarity and effectiveness. Additional policies address critical aspects such as distracted driving and suitability guidelines for interactions with minors, fostering responsibility and safety in every facet of our work. These policies stand as guiding principles, ensuring the well-being of our staff, volunteers, and the communities we serve, fostering a secure, focused, and inclusive environment where our mission flourishes.

Program Policies and Procedures PDF ThumbnailPersonnel Policies PDF ThumbnailSuitability to Interact with Minors Policy PDF ThumbnailProviding Services to LEP Persons Policy PDF ThumbnailPersonally Identifiable Information Breach Policy PDF ThumbnailDistracted Driving Policy Thumbnail PDF ThumbnailSocial Networking Policy PDF ThumbnailProcedure to File Claim with Office of Civil Rights PDF Thumbnail


Welcome to the space where convenience meets organization! Here, you will find our comprehensive annual meeting calendar, ensuring you are aware and primed for meeting discussions and focus areas. You can also access meeting documents quickly and conveniently — the Executive Director’s report, latest meeting minutes, and monthly financial documents among them. These resources empower you with crucial insights, enabling informed decisions and ongoing engagement. Thank you for utilizing this platform to stay informed and engaged, contributing to our shared commitment to organizational transparency and active involvement.

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The Board Development section is an evolving space dedicated to fostering continuous improvement, refining best practices, and enhancing the performance of our Board members. Over the years, we have engaged with a Board consultant (Katherine Whitney of Warren Whitney) to elevate strategic thinking, cultivate board member development, and fortify our recruitment strategies. Within this section, explore invaluable tools like the Board matrix, skill sets assessment, and scorecard — resources designed to bolster our Board’s effectiveness. Additionally, discover information to enhance your board member service and delve into nonprofit board best practices through external resources as evidence of our commitment to ongoing growth and excellence in governance.

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Thank you for exploring our Board Member intranet portal. This platform stands as a testament to our shared commitment to transparency, continuous improvement, and impactful governance. Your active involvement here not only enhances our collective effectiveness but also reinforces our dedication to advancing our mission.

As stewards of our organization’s success, your dedication, insights, and contributions are instrumental. We encourage you to utilize these resources, engage with fellow members, and embrace the knowledge shared here to further enrich our collaborative journey.

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Thank you for your unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to our shared vision!