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In our work at Henrico CASA we’ve learned that it’s important to KNOW about the challenges facing children and families to ensure NO child faces abuse, neglect, or trauma. And that’s what the Vigilant Voices™ podcast is all about. Each podcast episode is aimed at providing education and training to help our listeners be more effective advocates for children. Join us as we explore topics relevant to creating safe homes, healthy childhoods, and thriving communities.

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Henrico CASA - Jeannine Podcast

Jeannine Panzera, Executive Director

Jeannine has been advocating for children with Henrico CASA for more than 10 years. Jeannine graduated with her Juris Doctorate from University of Richmond School of Law, after graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. Jeannine is often asked to present at conferences and conduct trainings on the needs of children who have experienced abuse or neglect and best practices in volunteer management. She is also an active member of the Virginia CASA State Leadership Team.
Henrico CASA - Kristin Podcast

Kristin Blalock, Community Engagement Coordinator

Kristin joined CASA in 2021. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Xavier University. Kristin left a career in HR consulting to venture into small business ownership, then transitioned her project management and communications skills to the non-profit world. Her outreach and engagement work, including social media management, have received recognition at a local and national level. She is dedicated to supporting children from hard places in both her professional life and personal life.

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