Her needs were met and her hopes and dreams were incited

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” Those words, spoken at graduation from Lexi* to her CASA volunteer, pinpoint an end and a beginning.

These words were the end to discouragement and anger, escalating conflict and provocation. For years, Lexi had been unable to see beyond her anger that was fueled by irreconcilable differences with her mother. It became necessary for her to leave her home to maintain safety and she found herself living in a foster home… Where away from her stormy home life, she saw new possibilities. 

Lexi’s CASA volunteer listened and recognized the teen’s need for stability. The CASA volunteer advocated in the courtroom, where she offered observations and recommendations regarding safe, healthy living arrangements. However, CASA’s support extended beyond the courthouse, because this volunteer sought opportunities, like the Fostering Futures program and independent living skills, for Lexi’s path forward. 

With support in place and encouragement from her CASA volunteer, Lexi thrived. She achieved success in school and was accepted into a state college.     

“I couldn’t have done it without you” – the simple words spoken at Lexi’s graduation. These words marked the end of her tumultuous childhood and more importantly, they marked the beginning of her next chapter. Lexi’s voice had been heard. Her needs were met and her hopes and dreams were incited. She is now at the start of her future thanks to her CASA.   

Henrico CASA gave Lexi the gift of a bright future free from abuse. With your help, we can give a bright future to another teenager. Donate now to give a gift that matters.