Like most of the world, our team at Henrico CASA uses January to both reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the new one. It’s a time to remember who we are, what is important to us, and how we can improve. This month we look to our volunteer advocates, who carry out our mission every day, to remind us of our shared values and vision. We look towards a time when ALL children in Henrico County live in safe and stable homes. 

Join us as we walk through our core values, learning from our amazing advocates as they share their perspectives on those values in response to discussion prompts.


Collaboration Within the Child Welfare and Court Systems
We will work jointly with professionals throughout the system in the best interest of children.

Collaboration with both a child’s caregivers and the professionals involved with their case plays a crucial role in achieving positive outcomes for the children CASA serves. Our advocates understand the value, and challenges, that come from true collaboration. They also know that in their role as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, they bring a valuable perspective that other professionals cannot always see.  


What are key elements of collaboration?

  • Be open to working with everyone involved.
  • Trust one another and maintain honesty.
  • Communicate, plan, and follow-through.
  • Ask specific questions.
  • Bring humility to the table.
  • Know ways to open communication among parties involved.


How does collaboration impact a child’s well-being?

  • Collaboration with a child’s Guardian ad Litem (attorney) leads to stronger recommendations for the court.
  • Collaboration with the Department of Social Services helps connect families to more vital resources, including mental health services.
  • Collaboration with psychologists helps establish what a child truly needs to move forward.
  • Develop as many relationships as you can… partners can be unexpected!


Inviting collaborators into your work can strengthen the impact you have on a child’s well-being! Would you be interested in collaborating with others to advocate on behalf of children? Learn more at