Like most of the world, our team at Henrico CASA uses January to both reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the new one. It’s a time to remember who we are, what is important to us, and how we can improve. So this month, we look to our volunteer advocates, who carry out our mission every day, to remind us of our shared values and vision. We look towards a time when ALL children in Henrico County live in safe and stable homes. 

Join us as we walk through our core values, learning from our amazing advocates as they share their perspectives on those values in response to discussion prompts.


Gratitude for the Commitment Made by our Volunteers, Staff, and Donors.
We realize that we could not accomplish our mission without the selfless commitment from many in our community.

Gratitude is proven to help people feel more positive emotions. It is an opportunity to relish good experiences and leads to an ability to deal with adversity. We appreciate our volunteers greatly and value the change they make in children’s lives. By focusing on these positive outcomes, we hope to maintain passion for our often challenging work.


As an advocate, how have you played a pivotal role in improving the well-being of a child?

  • There are moments when I have no doubt the child knows I care.
  • I know that I give the judges a clear view of a child that they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • I can go to bed, knowing a child is safe tonight.
  • Just being present, as a safe adult, can change a child’s life.


What motivates you to continue this important work?

  • I know that being involved is always better than not being involved.
  • Happiness for me means making a positive impact on the world.
  • I put myself in the child’s shoes and then I get back to work.
  • I know that the judges really take my recommendations to heart.


Remembering that children need, and deserve, a voice that is heard fuels our comment to our best-interest advocacy! Learn more about how you can help amplify a child’s voice at www.