Brittany’s cries for help went unheard by her family. Her attempts at communicating her emotions – specifically her fear and anger from past abuse by a family member – were met by rejection as she bounced between various homes of friends and relatives. Brittany was without an anchor in a powerful storm.

Brittany’s CASA, Denise, helped her rise above the darkness to find hope. Denise saw Brittany’s hurt and understood her need to be heard. As Brittany transitioned to a foster home, Denise was an emotional support. Denise also collaborated with a therapist to help Brittany communicate past trauma and express her desire for stability moving forward.   

Denise helped create a safe space for Brittany to use her voice and speak her mind. In that space, Brittany explained why she hoped to stay with her foster family and longed to be adopted. Over time, Brittany built up the courage to ask her foster family if they would consider adopting her, and the sun shone bright on the day they said, “Yes!”

Brittany is now with her forever family, more confidently sharing her feelings, needs, and dreams. Her CASA taught her how to use her voice. Denise is now ready to advocate for herself in the future.

All is calm for Brittany. Now YOU can make sure her future stays bright.

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