Carly was found wandering the street at night, without supervision. She was subsequently removed from her mother’s care after it was determined that her family was homeless and Carly was experiencing physical and emotional neglect.

Carly was appointed a dedicated Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Previously, Carly’s mother told authorities that she homeschooled Carly due to the child’s medical issues. However, her CASA advocate quickly discovered that she was not being educated.

CASA knows the importance of education – not only for learning, but also in terms of a child’s social and emotional development. So Carly’s CASA advocate spoke to doctors and determined that it was no threat to Carly’s health for her to attend school.

Carly is now enrolled in school and attending on a regular basis. She is below grade-level academically, but becoming more socialized and making progress. Carly’s advocate put her on the right path to meet her education and development milestones.

Children like Carly have a voice, but it is often not heard among the louder adult voices. Henrico CASA listens, observes, and ensures that the needs a child voices are not only heard, but acted upon. Learn more about the role of a Court Appointed Special Advocate here

*To maintain privacy, CASA changes names and identifying details when sharing case stories.