Layla and her siblings faced many transitions when their family immigrated to the United States. On the outside, they looked like a successful, well-adjusted family. Unfortunately, their home life was actually a turbulent mix of mental illness, emotional abuse, and domestic violence.

During an investigation by Child Protective Services, it was determined that Layla’s father was encouraging her to engage in self-harm. This danger led to the siblings being placed in foster care.

Layla and her siblings were appointed a dedicated Court Appointed Special Advocate.

This advocate knew it was in the children’s best interests to work towards a longer-term solution. Layla’s advocate helped make a plan for a safe and healthy reunion with her birth mother. Prior to this reunification, the CASA advocate ensured that the siblings connected with vital trauma-informed supports and received therapy to help process their feelings.

Henrico CASA prioritizes the mental health care of children like Layla, and their families. Adverse experiences like abuse, neglect, and traumatic loss impact not only a childโ€™s present mental (and physical) health, but their future health, as well. By intervening early and leveraging resources, Henrico CASA works to mitigate what could be negative health outcomes in the future. Learn more about the role of a Court Appointed Special Advocate here.ย 

*To maintain privacy, CASA changes names and identifying details when sharing case stories.