When they met their CASA, Torrie and Tanya* were living with their mother, a victim of domestic violence. Their home was dilapidated and insect-infested. It was clear that their living environment was unsafe and unhealthy.

The girls were immediately moved to a relative’s home. At the same time, their mother made the courageous decision to leave her abusive relationship and build a new life. She moved to a homeless shelter, but moving forward was a challenge… she lacked a job, savings, childcare, and credit history.

Torrie and Tanya were appointed a dedicated Court Appointed Special Advocate.

While advocating for the girls, this CASA advocate stayed in touch with their mother, connecting her to resources. Their mother secured employment and found a rental unit close to the relative that was caring for her daughters. She is now fully focused on reuniting with Torrie and Tanya.

The girls’ advocate is protecting their health and safety while their mother takes necessary steps to create a safe, stable home. We hope that reunification is in their future.

Henrico CASA is driven by the guiding principle that families offer vital connection and identity for children. In cases like these we work to strengthen children and families, together, because remaining as a family unit can be safely achieved. Learn more about the role of a Court Appointed Special Advocate here

*To maintain privacy, CASA changes names and identifying details when sharing case stories.