January is known as a time for vision. It is a season to look ahead and make commitments for the new year. However, before we move forward, there is benefit in reflection. At Henrico CASA, we are using this time to meditate on our core values, remembering what is most important to us. Our core values are our agreed upon beliefs and we want to diligently apply them in our present and future decision making. 

Join us this month as we walk through each of our values. 

Value 3: Collaboration within the Child Welfare and Court System

We will work jointly with professionals throughout the system in the best interest of children.

Our team prides itself on being part of the solution. That’s right, we are PART of the solution. There are MANY parts and we are grateful for each and every role played. 

Did you know that Court Appointed Special Advocates are actually written into the legal code of Virginia? The CASA program is formally tasked with monitoring a child’s case to ensure compliance with the court’s orders. We must also assist guardians ad litem with their representation of children’s needs and best interests. That means at a minimum, we are partnering with the judges, social workers, and attorneys involved in a child’s case. 

CASA volunteers are also required to investigate cases to provide independent, factual information. Their investigation may be separate, but they definitely meet, overlap, and partner with other professionals. That includes attorneys, social workers, officers, counselors, teachers, and more. Collaboration with so many requires communication, coordination, and cooperation. Most importantly, it demands mutual trust and respect. 

Collaboration can be a challenge, but we learn from one another. We solve complex problems together. We are spurring change. It is so worthwhile. 

There is a sense of unity in reflecting on our values, because these are shared beliefs among friends to our mission. What are you doing in 2023 to show that you value collaboration