The purpose of foster care is to give children a reprieve from what was an unsafe living condition, moving them into what the Department of Social Services has deemed to be a safe environment. The word ‘foster’ is synonymous with ‘stand-in’ or ‘substitute.’ So ideally, while this ‘fostering’ happens, long term solutions are being formulated for a child’s well being and permanency. During May, Foster Care Awareness Month, we are sharing tools originally compiled by Texas CASA to explain foster care to a variety of audiences.

Resources for Teens

According to our friends at Texas CASA, “the best way to reach teens is through—you guessed it—other teens! FosterClub’s blog features youth and young adults of all races, genders, sexual orientations and abilities speaking out about their experience in the foster care system. Any teen is bound to find at least one story that resonates with them.” We dove into the FosterClub website and learned it is a wealth of resources! In addition to the blog, there are many videos, resources and ‘Foster to Fame’ stories. The content, like the video below, is easy to digest and relatable for teens.