Jade and Josiah were used to sharing – sharing a bed, sharing toys, and sharing whispered hopes for their new baby sister they were waiting to meet.

It should have been a bright time, a time of expectation, but it was not.

They often went unnoticed by their parents who were enthralled in a combative, violent relationship. Jade and Josiah knew nothing beyond their battered home and the daily ritual of avoiding their father’ physical altercations… until they were removed from this environment and appointed a CASA advocate.

Their advocate knew that decisions made now would impact the future.

  • He visited Jade and Josiah weekly, as they moved in with a relative…
  • He helped coordinate resources needed for their safety and security…
  • He is encouraging visitation with their mother until they can be reunited with her in a safe environment…

YOU can also act on behalf of children like Jade and Josiah. Their future begins TODAY. 


Children like Jade and Josiah need a safe adult who will speak up for their wellbeing and follow their case with a sense of urgency until all of their needs are met. They need a dedicated Court Appointed Special Advocate. 


Henrico CASA’s cost to train and supervise a child’s dedicated advocate for one year is $1,500. Each dollar you give increases the number of vulnerable children we can serve in 2024.