Maya’s family immigrated to the United States in search of opportunity. They settled in Henrico County, embracing their new home, employment, and schools.

It should have been a bright time, a time of fresh starts, but it was not.

Maya wrestled with depression and thoughts of self-harm. Hidden inside her new house, she faced domestic violence and extreme emotional abuse. Maya was drowning in darkness until she met her CASA advocate.

Maya’s advocate offered the hope for tomorrow that she needed.

  • She recognized that inpatient care was a short-term necessity for Maya…
  • She focused on finding trauma-informed therapy…
  • She is paving a pathway towards Maya being reunited with her family, one day at a time.     

YOU can also act on behalf of children like Maya. Their future begins today. 


Children like Maya need a safe adult who will speak up for their wellbeing and follow their case with a sense of urgency until all of their needs are met. They need a dedicated Court Appointed Special Advocate. 


Henrico CASA’s cost to train and supervise a child’s dedicated advocate for one year is $1,500. Each dollar you give increases the number of vulnerable children we can serve in 2024.