Like most of the world, our team at Henrico CASA uses January to both reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the new one. It’s a time to remember who we are, what is important to us, and how we can improve.


Henrico CASA advocates in court for a child’s best interests and seeks to educate the community concerning the needs of abused and neglected children.

Our mission statement is more than a collection of words. It is the heartbeat of our organization. It succinctly captures our core purpose, outlining why we exist and aligns our efforts toward a common goal. We stand in the gap between a child’s life and the courtroom, ensuring their experiences and needs are heard. We also seek to amplify children’s voices beyond the courtroom, educating the community on their needs and how to respond to those needs in a trauma-informed manner.


All children in Henrico County live in safe and stable homes.

While our mission statement focuses on the present, our vision statement looks to the future. It summarizes the world we envision and hopes to inspire meaningful change.



  • Family preservation and reunification.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Collaboration within the child welfare and court system
  • Gratitude for the commitment made by our volunteers, staff, and donors.
  • Stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

Our core values are the ethical principles that underpin Henrico CASA’s decisions and actions. They are our moral compass. More importantly, they unify us. Our advocates embody these values and apply them to their day-to-day advocacy work. 


In this month’s blog posts, we look to our volunteer advocates, who carry out our mission every day, to remind us of our shared values and vision. Watch for upcoming posts with reflections from our advocates on our core values including: family, collaboration, inclusion, and gratitude.