We often hear resilience described as bouncing back and adapting to challenges. But there’s a crucial aspect that sometimes gets overlooked – reconfiguration. In the context of the children we serve, reconfiguration is the ability to move past surviving to thriving.


Simply put, reconfiguration is redefining life after adversity. Reconfiguration is finding a new path with different standards, goals, and expectations. It is like redesigning a puzzle to create a new and beautiful picture, rather than merely putting the pieces back together.


Imagine a young sapling weathering a storm. After the storm passes, it doesn’t just stand still in safety. It continues to grow towards the sun, strengthening its roots and branches. Similarly, children who have survived adversity possess an incredible resilience that allows them to move forward with purpose. We want them to envision life beyond their traumatic experiences.

How can Advocates help with RECONFIGURATION?

Advocates build trusted relationships with vulnerable children. They are uniquely placed to speak words of encouragement. Some of those words are focused on:
    1. Self-Discovery Advocates help youth better understand themselves… especially beyond their trauma. What are their interests? Strengths? Dreams? Self-discovery helps them build a new identity that isn’t defined solely by their past.
    1. Support Systems While advocates are a support, they can also help lead children to other supports. They help identity other safe people – peers and adults – who could form a strong support network.
    1. Setting Goals Reconfiguration involves setting both short-term and long-term goals. These goals act as stepping stones. They help children recognize progress and give them a sense of achievement.
    1. Coping Strategies Resilience doesn’t mean ignoring difficulties. It means facing difficulties with effective tools and coping strategies. Advocates help children learn to manage their emotions, handle stress, and navigate challenges in healthy ways.
Our advocates know that reconfiguration is all about a child finding the courage to redefine their narrative. YOU could be the advocate that a child is waiting for! Visit our website for more information on this meaningful volunteer opportunity in Henrico County.