We so appreciate our volunteers who wholeheartedly serve children and families in Henrico County. Our volunteers’ love for kids, combined with their empathy and compassion, drives them to help families in meaningful ways. You may be picturing their service as something grandiose. However, it’s the little things – the things we are all capable of doing – that make a big difference.

Here are some of the little things we see volunteers do every day for the children and families we serve:

  • Weekly visits at home, school, or anywhere a child feels comfortable
  • Drive-by visits with colorful signs of encouragement
  • Phone calls to help navigate complex processes
  • Researching community resources and services
  • Sharing words of encouragement

And here are quotes from children, explaining why they liked working with their CASA volunteer and why these little things matter:

  • “I liked working with my CASA because she was very kind, patient, and caring.”
  • “They helped me with my feelings.”
  • “She kinda made me feel important.”
  • “My CASA really listened to me and seemed to understand.”
  • “The CASA gave great advice.”
  • “She let the Judge know how I really felt.”

It’s the little things that can add up to be the big things. Really big things.

With deep gratitude, we thank the advocates, ambassadors, and staff who serve families in crisis. Your service makes a difference.