You know CASA for helping children – and that’s what we do, wholeheartedly. We work for the best interest of every child appointed to us. While serving children, we are also often serving their families… because a child who is abused and/or neglected represents an entire family that is in crisis. The families we see are many times in the grips of abusive relationships, poverty, addiction, mental health issues, or what can feel like a never-ending list of other challenges. They are often fighting to survive. Sometimes it is helpful to read or watch someone’s personal story – a story like the ones our volunteer advocates see on a daily basis – to gain new perspective and empathy. And so while you are (hopefully) experiencing a little downtime over the holidays, can we suggest a good book? Check out MAID: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land. It is a memoir of a mother’s experience as she navigates a path forward for her and her daughter. It is a path out of domestic violence and through poverty. If you’d rather watch, this true story is also now a limited series on Netflix called MAID. Connecting with a story like this one can stir up so many emotions – sadness, anger, and compassion. If you allow it, it can also spur action. You can be a light for families in crisis by volunteering with Henrico CASA. Learn more on our website or register for one of two upcoming information sessions on Wednesday, January 12th or Thursday, January 13th.