Raising Awareness for Vulnerable Children

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Donate to Help CASA Give Children Bright Futures

By Kristin Blalock | December 15, 2021

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” Those words, spoken at graduation from Lexi* to her CASA volunteer, pinpoint an end and a beginning. These words were the end to discouragement and anger, escalating conflict and provocation. For years, Lexi had been unable to see beyond her anger that was fueled by irreconcilable differences with her…

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Donate to Help CASA Give Children Happy Childhoods

By Kristin Blalock | December 12, 2021

A child’s bond with their mother runs deep. It can be complicated when a mother is struggling to meet her child’s needs.    While under their mother’s care, Madi* and her sister were found hurt and wandering outside, alone at night. The girls had a biological father who was granted full custody and able to provide…

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Donate to Help Henrico CASA Give Children Safe Homes

By Kristin Blalock | December 3, 2021

We could all use a cheerleader from time to time. A source of positivity and encouragement, perhaps even someone who holds up bright, colorful signs to remind us of our worth. James, Nate and Aubrey* have been experiencing this type of encouragement thanks to their CASA.  This sibling group was found living in an UHaul…

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Henrico CASA Volunteers Give the Gift of Time

By Jeannine Panzera | November 25, 2021

As I began to write this post, I was not sure I could articulate the actual definition of time. There are certainly many things that come to mind – the time of day, a moment in time, not enough time. This makes time a complicated word. It is a word that in one breath can…

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CASA Volunteers Have a Heart for Service

By Kristin Blalock | November 19, 2021

We so appreciate our volunteers who wholeheartedly serve children and families in Henrico County. Our volunteers’ love for kids, combined with their empathy and compassion, drives them to help families in meaningful ways. You may be picturing their service as something grandiose. However, it’s the little things – the things we are all capable of…

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CASA Volunteers Show Compassion and Empathy

By Trish Stewart | November 12, 2021

There are a number of reactions that people have when a child in our community is in emotional pain due to a crisis and/or conflict in their life. The reactions may range from apathy to sympathy, empathy to compassion. Apathy is the more negative reaction because it’s a way of not caring about what happens…

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CASA Volunteers Show Unconditional Love

By Lorrie Moore | November 5, 2021

There is nothing more amazing and wonderful to witness than people opening their hearts to help a child, loving and caring for that child unconditionally. There are many individuals in the child welfare system that give their heart and soul to helping children that have been abused and neglected. Sometimes, however, we encounter a special…

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Recommended Reads for CASA Volunteers

By Kristin Blalock | November 1, 2021

As we enter this month of Thanksgiving, our team at Henrico CASA would like to share a few of the things for which we are grateful. The first, of which, is resilience. In our roles working with vulnerable children, we sometimes see darkness, but we also see light. Similarly, where we see trauma, we often…

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Susan’s Story: Volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate

By Susan Bergquist | October 22, 2021

As CASA volunteers, we frequently work with disrupted families whose children have been removed from their home due to unsafe conditions. It is often a struggle for families to amend the conditions that led to the removal of their children. Working towards reunification and re-building a safe home takes time and effort, as well as…

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CASA Volunteers Help Children Build Protective Factors

By Kristin Blalock | October 15, 2021

Domestic violence varies in form, but consistently carries an undercurrent of abuse, control and fear. Even if violence isn’t physically directed at a child, it takes its toll. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in homes where intimate partner violence occurs, a majority of children witness these domestic assaults and 45%-60% also…