Raising Awareness for Vulnerable Children

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CASA Call to Action: Volunteer Your Voice

By Kristin Blalock | February 4, 2022

Our team at Henrico CASA often uses the phrase “a child’s voice.” We recognize that all children have a voice and it’s our responsibility to ensure it is heard. We stand up and speak up for children, acting as their voice in court. And we encourage our volunteers by reminding them that by using their…

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CASA’s New Strategic Plan Helps Children and Families Navigate Change

By Jeannine Panzera | January 25, 2022

Our team at Henrico CASA is emerging from a few months of chaos. Last November, our office embarked on exciting renovations and upgrades to include building two new offices, installing sleek flooring, and getting a fresh coat of paint. While there was excitement around the upgrades, we also knew there would be significant disruption to…

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CASA Volunteers Give Children a Voice

By Kristin Blalock | January 23, 2022

As humans, we all have a voice but we may not feel empowered to use it, especially in a way that influences. To fully “have a voice” you must embrace your thoughts and experiences in order to communicate them effectively. Your words hold weight. Your point of view is important and plays a role in…

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My Vision for Henrico CASA

By Betsy Beach | January 14, 2022

It’s funny how events in your life can make your vision clearer or more obscured.  I was fortunate to grow up in a home where I was safe. However, before I even turned ten I realized that not everyone is that fortunate. At that time, my parents became the legal guardians of my cousins, who…

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CASA Volunteers Improve Well-Being

By Kristin Blalock | January 7, 2022

In working towards Henrico CASA’s vision that all children in Henrico County live in safe and stable homes, we are continually exploring and evaluating the concept of a child’s well-being. Well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. That seems a bit subjective. So how do we measure it? The Annie…

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New Year’s Resolutions: Volunteer with Henrico CASA

By Kristin Blalock | January 1, 2022

It’s that time of year, yet again, when many of us pause to consider New Year’s Resolutions. Some of us set specific goals, big and small. Others pick a theme word to focus on for the year. And a few of us skip the process all together knowing follow-through wanes! Can we reframe the resolution…

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CASA Volunteers Help Children AND Their Families

By Kristin Blalock | December 21, 2021

You know CASA for helping children – and that’s what we do, wholeheartedly. We work for the best interest of every child appointed to us. While serving children, we are also often serving their families… because a child who is abused and/or neglected represents an entire family that is in crisis. The families we see…

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Donate to Help CASA Give Children Bright Futures

By Kristin Blalock | December 15, 2021

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” Those words, spoken at graduation from Lexi* to her CASA volunteer, pinpoint an end and a beginning. These words were the end to discouragement and anger, escalating conflict and provocation. For years, Lexi had been unable to see beyond her anger that was fueled by irreconcilable differences with her…

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Donate to Help CASA Give Children Happy Childhoods

By Kristin Blalock | December 12, 2021

A child’s bond with their mother runs deep. It can be complicated when a mother is struggling to meet her child’s needs.    While under their mother’s care, Madi* and her sister were found hurt and wandering outside, alone at night. The girls had a biological father who was granted full custody and able to provide…

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Donate to Help Henrico CASA Give Children Safe Homes

By Kristin Blalock | December 3, 2021

We could all use a cheerleader from time to time. A source of positivity and encouragement, perhaps even someone who holds up bright, colorful signs to remind us of our worth. James, Nate and Aubrey* have been experiencing this type of encouragement thanks to their CASA.  This sibling group was found living in an UHaul…